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Get 100 new paying customers in 100 days. That's it. That's the challenge.

Round 1 is now over! Congrats to everyone who got a new paying customer during the challenge. Round 2 is coming soon, subscribe to Indie Worldwide for updates:

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      Why should I sign up?

      • Hold yourself accountable with a public commitment and a private support group.

      • Get extra exposure for your project.

      • Join a friendly competition to motivate yourself.

      What do I get?

      • Your project will be added to a public leaderboard (optional).

      • Access to a private mastermind chat group.

      • Weekly video check-ins/mastermind sessions.


      What if I already have customers?

      You can have up to 250 customers already and still participate. Your existing customers don't count towards the goal of 100 new customers.

      How will you keep track of my new customers?

      We'll ask you at the weekly check-ins how many new customers you have. We might ask for screenshots to prove it.

      *Free Design Services?

      Free two months design plan for the top product and free one week design plans for the top 10 courtesy of draftss.com

      How will giftcards be awarded?

      Top 5 products by number of verified new paying users will receive a $100 gift-card. Delivery method TBD.

      How do I sign up?

      Signups are now closed for Round One of the challenge. Join our community at indieworldwide.co for information on Round Two.

      What's Indie Worldwide?

      Indie Worldwide is the world's friendliest community of indie founders. We host meetups and webinars every month.

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